CRM Ads: Show ads to a specific list of contacts

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Offer your customers Facebook and website ads, shown specifically to their CRM contacts

Help your customers get even more value from their CRM contacts with new and highly targeted ad technology. Ads are targeted solely to the list of contacts generated by your CRM.

Plus, receive a portion of each sale driven by your integration.

How it works:

  • A link or button in your interface contains all the contact data needed to create an ad for your customers.
  • Clicking the button directs a user to the Adwerx interface with their contacts already synced. 
  • Your customers start advertising—and you start earning!

How to get started

Step 1: Get your Adwerx affiliate ID

Contact us through the form below and we'll help you get set up with your unique Adwerx affiliate ID.

Step 2: Add your code

Once you have your ID, simply add the code to include both contact data and your affiliate ID, as outlined in the docs