What Being Named to the Inc. 500 Means to Adwerx

At Adwerx we have one mission: make brilliantly simple digital ads that anyone can use.

Our mission came from a larger belief that every small business deserves the same type of tools that big businesses have. Great companies start with powerful ideas, and this honor proves to the world that the work we're doing is making a difference.

We're on the list as the 3rd fastest-growing company in North Carolina, and 16th fastest-growing Advertising & Marketing company nationally.

Being named to the Inc. 500 list is concrete proof that the work we’re doing is having an impact for small businesses.
— Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx

Adwerx, a company that is making it possible for small- and mid-sized businesses to grow and thrive through local branding, is within the top 20 fastest-growing advertising and marketing firms in the country.

The community we serve shares a commitment to building something better and bigger. Not only are these businesses a powerful economic force, they represent something we hold especially dear, ingenuity and forward thinking. 

Adwerx assists at a Habitat for Humanity build in Durham, NC

Adwerx assists at a Habitat for Humanity build in Durham, NC

All told the companies on the list created nearly 620,000 jobs in three years and represent an aggregate revenue of $206 billion. What those numbers reflect is the power and strength of America’s business leaders and innovators. We’ve had the honor to work with several companies that are on the list and know the type of hustle and staying power it takes to deliver that level of results.

We are proud to play our role helping businesses reach their customers in the most dynamic and ever-changing industry in the world, online media; and we are ecstatic to have you with us on our journey to creating a world where brilliantly simple online advertising is available to everyone.



To everyone who has been involved our mission - our employees, our friends and families, and our customers - thank you. We'd be nowhere without you.

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