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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program?

Starting September 20, all new listings will automatically receive a 1-week listing campaign, brought to you by RE/MAX and Adwerx.  The ad campaign will promote the listing on Facebook and top websites, targeting home buyers in 15-mile radius from the listing.  

When a new listing is detected, Adwerx will create accounts for each Affiliate so that Affiliates will be able to view reporting, manage the ad campaigns (if desired), and add their seller’s contact information so that the seller receives a report from Adwerx showing how the Affiliate is going above-and-beyond to promote their home.  By adding the seller’s information, the seller also becomes more likely to see the ad for their home as they browse the web and use Facebook - increasing seller satisfaction with the Affiliate.


Why is RE/MAX working with Adwerx?

By providing RE/MAX clients with digital advertising on Facebook and top websites for their homes, RE/MAX Affiliates will continue to differentiate themselves from their competitors and demonstrate the value RE/MAX brings to the home selling process.

As real estate agents, we have the responsibility to our listing clients to provide the best marketing for their home.  RE/MAX wants to provide a system for our Affiliates to make digital advertising so easy that it can happen for every property we sell.  This program provides a way to experience this service for the rest of 2017 on the house, and with no work required at all on the part of the Affiliate.


How will this impact my listings?

Each property that is newly listed during the program will be automatically opted into the digital advertising program. The ads will be automatically created from information that RE/MAX provides to Adwerx.  Each listing will then be advertised on Facebook and top websites for a period of 7 days, targeting home buyers in a 15-mile radius of the property.  When a home buyer clicks on the ad, they will be directed to the listing detail page on


What do I need to do?

This is the best part, nothing!  This program will be automatically run for all of your new listings.  An account at Adwerx will be automatically created for you (if you don’t already have one) and you will receive an email confirmation each time an ad is created for one of your listings.  From this email, you can manage the ad campaign, including canceling the ad if you so choose.  We do, however, recommend that you enter the seller information so they can see the ad.


Can I add more than one seller?

Absolutely. You may enter as many individuals as you like. Many agents choose to include the family in the targeting (spouses, children, etc).


What will this program cost me?

RE/MAX is covering 100% of the cost for the automatically generated listing ads during the program.  Affiliates may choose to extend the listing campaigns or purchase other Adwerx products with their own marketing budgets.  Once the program is over, Affiliates may choose to continue to run listing campaigns utilizing their own resources to do so.  RE/MAX has negotiated a 25% discount for all Affiliates across the entire Adwerx product line.


Why is RE/MAX working with Adwerx for this program?

Adwerx is a trusted RE/MAX Approved Supplier and the leading technology firm providing digital advertising for real estate professionals.  Their brilliantly simple advertising products have helped more than 50,000 real estate agents and brokers promote their listings and grow their digital brands.  Adwerx brings cutting edge technology and digital marketing expertise to RE/MAX Affiliates.


How do I set up my account with Adwerx?

If you have any automatically created listing ads during this time, an account will automatically be created so you can make any edits to those ads. That account can be accessed through the Adwerx tile on MAX/Center, or from links in your confirmation email.

If you haven’t had any automatically created listing ads, simply log into MAX/Center and click the Adwerx tile. An account will be created for you, and you’ll be linked to your brand new Adwerx dashboard. From there, you can manually set up any kind of Adwerx ad.


What if I am already working with Adwerx?

If you already have an Adwerx account, the listing ads will be automatically created in that account.  There is nothing additional needed in order to participate in this program.


What happens when my free advertising time is up?

Each listing ad will run for one week.  Affiliates will receive a final report at the end of the week, at which time an affiliate may choose to extend that listing ad using their own marketing budget for a period of 1-5 weeks.

How do I get more exposure?

In addition to advertising listings, Adwerx provides other products for RE/MAX Affiliates.  You can learn more about those products here:

Ads by zip code

Ads for your sphere of influence


How many impressions can I expect?

Each listing ad that is automatically created during this program will receive approximately 3,000 ad impressions.  Campaigns purchased following the first week will receive approximately 7,000 ad impressions.


Will I be able to edit or cancel the ads?

Yes, Affiliates will have complete control after the listing ads are automatically created to edit or cancel the ads.  You will receive an email confirmation when an ad is created that includes links to manage your ad campaign.  For listings that sell before the campaign is completed, we recommend making the ad a “Just Sold’ advertisement.


What are examples of “top websites” where the ads will run?

Adwerx ads run on Facebook and hundreds of sites around the web, such as NY Times, Yahoo, CNN, YouTube, ESPN, LinkedIn and many more.  To view a larger list of example websites, please go here.


If I update the listing in my MLS, will my ad automatically update?

It will not. If your listing has a price reduction, goes pending, or sells, you need to manually change the price, or add a just sold flag.


What type of listings are included?

All types of listings are included in the program. Residential, Commercial, Rental, Land, etc - if it's in your MLS, we'll run an ad for the property.


Why did I not receive my listing campaign?

There are a few reasons why you might not see your campaign created. The most likely reason is that we simply haven’t received the data yet. It can take up to 36 hours for us to receive the listing data after you provide it to the MLS. It is also possible that a listing photo has not yet been included with the listing. We cannot build an ad without a listing photo, but as soon as you have your photo submitted, we will automatically build the ad. The final reason would be if the property was listed before September 19 and therefore will not be included in the program.


Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about Adwerx at You can also email us at or call us at 888-221-8290 (M-F, 9:00am–5:00pm Eastern Time).