#1 Learn from the digital marketing experts at Adwerx

Adwerx has a team of experts available to train RE/MAX firms in simple, powerful digital marketing tactics, including how to using Listing Ads to win more listings and referrals.

#2  Wow sellers with your listing ads flyer

Want to make sure your prospective clients understand what sets you apart from other agents?  Include our handy flyer in your listing presentations.  It explains to sellers the top-notch digital marketing their home will get if they list with you.


#3  Stick to the script and sound like a digital expert

New to digital?  No need to worry.  We've written a script for you to follow when talking to your prospective clients about the digital marketing you'll be doing for their listing.  

#4  Or let this video do the talking for you

Share the video below with sellers to show the special treatment their home gets when they list with you.


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