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Using automated retargeting as a catalyst, Adwerx Enterprise expands a financial services firm’s digital reach and offers financial advisors the opportunity to buy into digital advertising for themselves.  With Adwerx, firms can be confident that all advertising is compliant, while enabling advisors to promote their personal brand alongside the firm’s brand.

Financial services firms utilizing the Adwerx Enterprise platform can expect to see these benefits:

  • Automated digital advertising that strengthens the brand and reaches potential clients where they’re spending time online

  • Accelerated recruitment of new financial advisors

  • Improved retention and productivity of financial advisors


Why Retargeting?

98% of initial visitors to your site won’t convert to customers. Retargeting is the solution to bringing them back:

  • It allows your company to stay in front of an audience who has already shown interest in your offerings

  • It increases subsequent visits to your website (by up to 726%)

  • It increases search traffic for your brand (by up to 1,046%)

Adwerx Enterprise’s unique approach to retargeting allows you to arm each of your financial advisors with this digital marketing best practice at scale. The best part is, it is fully automated. No one lifts a finger to manage campaigns, and when new advisors join your company they are seamlessly integrated into your retargeting.

How It Works

  1. You send a data feed with financial advisor information to Adwerx and place a custom pixel on your website

  2. Adwerx creates custom branded ads for each of your financial advisors that meet your company’s brand and compliance specifications

  3. Your advisors’ ads are shown across mobile apps, websites (including top sites like ESPN, NYT, WSJ), Facebook and Instagram to people who have visited their webpages

  4. Advisors begin to participate in digital advertising themselves, through your company’s custom portal, multiplying your investment and extending your digital reach


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About Adwerx

One of the fastest growing marketing platforms, Adwerx makes digital advertising brilliantly simple. The Adwerx Enterprise platform currently serves over 50 firms and 100,000 agents, including RE/MAX LLC. Adwerx ads appear on a variety of popular websites and social networks, and over 1.8 billion ad impressions have been served across the U.S. and Canada.